Hot Tub Services

Our hot tub service specialists are dedicated to giving you the most enjoyment from your tub for life. Our team services all makes and models of hot tubs and we stock a complete inventory of parts for Hydropool as well as other popular manufactures. We handle full installations; full repairs including replacement parts, leak analysis and repair, as well as, correction of any issues stemming with heaters, spa packs, and pumps.

Our water care services address maintaining the proper water balance, spa opening needs, winterization, and the drain and fill process when needed. You have the option of adding them yourself or arranging regular maintenance visits from our specialists. As part of our Maintenance Program we test and treat your hot tub on a prescribed schedule to keep maintenance at a minimum, and you worry free.

If you’re a “DIY” kind of person, feel free to visit our partner Hydropool Guelph as they provide FREE WATER ANALYSIS in-store at all times; drop by with your water sample and they will give you the optimal recommendation to maintain the water purity and balance for your hot tub.