New & Used Hot Tub Covers

Replacing your worn-out hot tub/swim spa cover can make a huge difference to the enjoyment of your tub/spa. Over time, covers grow heavy with moisture absorbed from the tub/spa, and become harder to use. Torn or worn covers can allow critters and contaminants into the tub, and allow precious heat to escape. A new cover, generally every 3-5 years, can help keep your water clean and balanced and your hot tub/swim spa running efficiently.

All covers we sell are custom to fit your tub/spa, in the colour and style you choose. Bring us measurements, photos, or even the make and model, and we will get started on your order right away! We can even take orders over the phone for many standard models.
Looking for a different cover solution? Ask us about Covana Legend swim spa covers, offering incredible insulation, automated covering, and stunning gazebo all in one.